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The foundation “La Pensée Sauvage” acts on four pillars in order to bring solutions to the problem of nutrition that we know in the world. From education of children to prevention, international action, and research, the foundation is composed of a team of professionals who unite their stories to propose solutions that improve transmission and emotional memory. They believe that having a more consistent diet has an impact on health, but also on the planet to take care of ourselves and get back to basics.

© Camille Moirenc

The foundation offers tailor-made experiences in extraordinary locations in Corsica at the Domaine de Murtoli, in Menorca at the Domaine Rafal Rubi, and in Ibiza at Villa Can Tanit. Spaces surrounded by lush and wild nature inviting visitors to focus on the essentials and lay the foundation for a new way of consuming food. 

In Corsica, also called the island of the four seasons because of its alchemy between the mountains and the sea, is the Murtoli estate. A place of 2,500 hectares with 7 kilometers of beach, creeks, and villas restored in the purest Corsican tradition that are immersed in the scrub. Old sheepfolds, each located in a park, consist of a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and a swimming pool dug in the rock offering a panoramic view on the sea. Located in the extreme south of the island, between Sartene and Bonifacio, the land also hosts the Hotel de la Ferme, in the pure local architectural style, allowing you to enjoy an upscale stay between the sea, the scrub, and the mountains. 

© Camille Moirenc

During this personal and human adventure, you can discover a restaurant dug in the natural rock, the one on the beach, or more simply, the one on the estate for a menu designed by the Michelin-starred chef, Mathieu Pacaud. But a stay focused on detoxification would not be complete without a walk in the heart of the greenery with an itinerary adapted to all profiles and called “La pensée sauvage.”

© Camille Moirenc

To rebalance your system, you can also choose between four types of cures and treatments provided by professionals, offering follow-up before, during, and after the treatment. The first, the “Young Detox,” the oldest of the approaches, consists of fasting for a few days with the support of drinks in order to reorganize the digestive system. The second, the gentle detox, is similar to the first, but proposes fruit and vegetable juices. The third, the vegetal detox, is composed of a few fresh, organic, and seasonal foods. The last one, the gourmet detox, is more generous and tastier without forgetting the healthy and vegetal side. 

© Aurelie Lamour

The wild thought is a total regeneration of the body and mind that will allow you to discover, recharge, and live a unique experience.

Thomas Durin