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Located on the Baltic Sea, just a few minutes from downtown Helsinki, the Rantapuisto Hotel offers a true journey into the heart of nature. This old building, built in 1963, was first a training center for a Finnish bank. 

© Highres

The building was imagined by a couple of architects, Ragnar Ypyä and Martta Martikainen-Ypyä, who were inspired by the architecture of Alvar Aalto, but also by the modern art museum Louisiana in Denmark. The duo thought of the space as a pavilion in which it is simple to circulate, merging the environment with the construction to form a harmonious and relaxing whole. From this period, interesting architectural features remain, such as the wings with glass corridors, the large rooms with a pure style, not to mention the interior lighting, the fireplaces, and the original wooden ceiling structures, like jewels that have survived the passage of time. 

The Rantapuisto Hotel currently offers rooms with huge windows to enjoy the view. A location anchored in a local natural environment and magnifying the setting. The hotel features 74 rooms, a design lounge bar, and two private restaurants, including Furu, inviting guests to enjoy modernized classics and new sustainable offerings. 

© Rantapuisto

Ecology, at the center of the concerns, is focused on different points such as: reduced water consumption, waste sorting, an effort on food waste, a reflection on procurement, but also environmentally friendly activities with kayaking, nature walks, and the wellness area that earned it the Green Key certification in 2018. 

Rantapuisto is a space, rational and uncluttered, confirmed as a work of art coming to play with the environment and its history.

Thomas Durin