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Using fiberglass and resin, designer Lukas Cober has created New Wave, a collection that combines a certain brutality with a disarming undulation. This new wave creates a kind of agitated swell that no one can stop. Let’s decipher it. 

© Lukas Cober

Lukas Cober studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht and at the Faculdade de Belas Artes in Lisbon. Five years of hard work allowed him to work alongside the renowned designer Valentin Loellmann – his “Brass” office was installed in the Elysée Palace last year. Following this rich experience, Lukas founded his studio in 2018, in Maastricht, the city where it all started.  

Passionate about surfing, Lukas Cober wanted to create a collection that reflected his love for surfing. For two years, the designer thought about a material that could be similar to the one used in the making of his favorite sport’s boards. 

© Thierry Depagne
© Thierry Depagne

Layer by layer, the designer layered fiberglass fabrics wrapped in resin to create the structure of his five pieces of furniture – a coffee table, a console, a side table, a stool, and a dining table – available in three different colors. 

© Thierry Depagne

By hand, the designer shapes the furniture into the desired form. It’s an ode to craftsmanship that comes to life on the furniture of the New Wave collection. In the center of each tray, the movements create almost motionless waves. As if making a surfboard, Lukas takes care of sanding the material to play with the shapes and the almost translucent thicknesses.

Clara Eisenstein