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Following his degree in interior architecture and multiple professional experiences in Beirut and Paris, Frederic Imbert founded his agency in 2018.

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Combining both design and architecture, the creator tends to reveal in each of his projects a dialogue between the interior and the exterior. Marble, stone, wood… Frédéric Imbert comes to play with different natural and recycled materials creating unique and asymmetrical furniture pieces.

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“Nature inspires me a lot in my projects. I work with very few tools and with materials that are quite malleable. When I carve my wood furniture, I try to get in touch with the material and follow its natural movement.” The designer’s furniture gives the impression that only nature is in control of his sculptures. 

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Through the organic forms of his furniture, the designer alternates between a smooth and abrupt feel. In his 100-square-meter studio in Bernay, Normandy, Imbert ponders the production of his many projects, ranging from the creation of a piece of furniture for a luxury boutique to the interior of a private home. “Most of the time, I work alone. I follow different creative processes depending on the orders. In my workshop, I make everything that I have 100% control over, including my custom carved wood furniture for my clients.”

Bernay, France

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