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The first frosty days of the year lend themselves so well to the joys of cocooning. An art that the comforting scent of a candle wonderfully enhances. Because home fragrance skillfully combines design and creativity, find our seasonal selection to enchant the winter. 

Originally, the candle was intended to light, in the lineage of the oil lamp (3000 BC), made of beef or sheep tallow from the Middle Ages. The term itself, candle (bougie), appears in the 14th century in France, taking its name from the city of Bugaya in Algeria, called Bejaia during the French colonization, which provided a large quantity of wax, used instead of tallow. 

It was first the royalty, the nobility, and the clergy who lit themselves with better quality waxes. The steric candle was born with Michel-Eugène Chevreul, who discovered in 1820 how to isolate and extract stearic acid from animal fats. Subsequently, it evolved with the appearance of solid kerosene and stearin. Nowadays, vegetable wax is preferred. 

The Trudon company is a historical reference of the candle, with a secular know-how. It first provided wax for candles for the parish, then for the Court of Louis XV and the great churches of France. Even today, the House of Trudon remains a supplier of candles and is known for its candles with complex scents, created by great perfumers, such as Emilie Bouge or Antoine Lie. 

Ernesto, Abdel Kader, and Revolution are among its best-sellers. This year, the house is launching five new products for winter, with glasses decorated with fine, gold, screen-printed “charms”: Felice, Spella, Fir, Floria, and Gabriel. For the holidays, the stunning Bayonne candle, with its notes of chili hiding nuances of cocoa, is adorned with a beautiful gold case. 

Cultivating an image of luxury since 1961, Diptyque has made candles an art of living, with some 40 references, a range of accessories, and limited editions. This year, the Holiday Collection puts the charms of winter in the spotlight with Etincelles (wood fire, coffee, and cocoa), Sapin (pine and mimosa), and Neige, with powdery accents as delicate as snowflakes. Three candles whose shimmering colors are dressed in gold and silver starry cases. 

More confidential, the Récoltes brand is based on the principle of seasonality. This winter it unveils Mimosa Maquis, Cinnamon Ardente, and Mandarin Confit. The Brazilian brand Granado takes you on a journey, with its festive colored creations, like Carnival or Real. Unless you prefer the elegant design of Maison d’Orsay, whose recent candle, Sous les Draps, is a marvel of sensuality. 

Something to savor the winter with a smile. 

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