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It is said that “the salt of life is essentially in the pepper you put in it.” And the French Company of Peppers and Spices would agree! Born from the meeting of a table lover and a spice specialist, the company travels the world in search of exceptional peppers with outstanding olfactory and gustatory qualities. A journey into unknown lands…

For more than two decades, the Compagnie des Poivres et des épices has been sourcing these precious grains directly from the heart of the plantations. Carefully selecting its producers for their values of respect for the environment, the earth, and people, the company is committed to excellence. Recent harvesting, manual sorting of each grain, storage limited in time, packaging in hermetic boxes: their vintage peppers are pampered to offer us the best sensory experience. Covering the wide aromatic range of pepper, the Compagnie des Poivres offers a catalog of more than 300 references from more than 30 countries and a hundred different regions. A whole world of flavors awaits us!

Halfway between the herbalist’s shop and the haute couture perfumery, the two Parisian addresses of the Compagnie des Poivres et des épices welcome the public in warm spaces with accents of elsewhere. Transported by fragrances from the ends of the earth, we discover unexpected treasures of nature. Much more than pepper sellers, their advisors are committed to helping us discover their exceptional products and tell us their story. Coming from the world of cooking, pastry-making or oenology, they are keen to teach us how to transform our plates and make our dishes even better. With one objective: to allow us to escape with each bite…

The French Company of Peppers and Spices
7 Rue de Fürstenberg, 
75006 Paris

Yaël Nacache