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We discovered them at Sola (a Michelin star, 5th), and now the three friends, each with their own specialities, have joined forces to the great pleasure of our taste buds.

There is no extravagance in the decoration (exposed stones, dark wooden tables) which perhaps deserves a little twist, but the intelligent and surprising mix of Japanese and French flavours move us to the point of letting ourselves be guided by the sakes, a great speciality of the house and especially of the sommelier and president Yuki Onuma.

We watch the young Japanese chef Seiya Kumabe working in his small kitchen. The Chinese cabbage, tapenade and button mushroom velouté appeals to us by the accuracy of its tastes, a delicious clash between the flavours of Japan and the creamy veloutés of our dear French cuisine. The aburi of mackerel (snacked with a blowtorch), radishes and figs is subtle and very fresh.

And what about the caramelised pork with soy sauce and warm lettuce on the side, a reassuringly successful dish…

The originality is present until the dessert with an ice cream with parmesan and another with sweet potato, kumquat and black sugar crumble… a delightful treat made by the pastry chef, Sumire Onuma.

If you pass by rue Castex near the Saint-Paul district, do not hesitate to venture into this restaurant, your taste buds will remember it. The welcome is just like the food served there: original and friendly.

Restaurant Ilô
6, rue Castex, Paris 4e

Menus at €38 for lunch and €56 for dinner (food, wine and sake pairings at €36).

Antoine Blanc