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In Paris, there are many luxury hotels and palaces, but few of them, like Le Meurice, have received an Ecotable label advocating a more responsible and local cuisine. 

This year, the restaurant of multi-starred chef Alain Ducasse and his executive chef Amaury Bouhours, located on rue de Rivoli, was privileged to be awarded three macaroons by the Ecotable association, rewarding research work with the aim of offering quality cuisine with products that respect the environment and the animal cause. 

The association works in collaboration with the actors of the restoration to help them in a committed way with an ecological approach. It advises via tools to measure the impact of the establishment while proposing virtuous suppliers. Their mission is to make this sector more sustainable with the creation of a label to highlight the efforts made. 

Alain Ducasse explains in an interview with the association that eating well does not necessarily cost more, because it is a choice to be made with full knowledge of the facts. We are free to eat what we want; however, we must keep in mind that there is always a cost for the planet, whether it is minor or with a significant impact. For example, eating less protein costs less. What is costly is the care for an individual who would be malnourished. 

Reusing waste, reducing plastic, seasonal products, the legendary address also offers a vegetarian menu while earning the “sustainable meat” label for its work with non-endangered fish species. But it doesn’t stop here; very much frowned upon a few years ago, the demand for a doggy bag to take away leftovers is becoming the norm even in luxurious places. 

Located in the heart of the French capital since 1835, the palace has seen many great names pass through its corridors, but the story we will remember for the Parisian institution in 2022 is the reward of a work of research and collaboration between suppliers and kitchen teams to offer a balanced and qualitative cuisine to its customers. A space where the chef, Amaury Bouhours, and his 15 cooks combine gastronomic restaurant with responsible cooking. So that in the adjacent room, the guests, installed in a magical and historical room embellished by the designer Philippe Starck, are carried away every evening during the week. 

Restaurant Le Meurice – Alain Ducasse

228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

Credits : @Maki Manoukian – @Pierre Monetta

Thomas Durin