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After its dreamy boutique hotel, GS Design continues to interpret the link between man, space and nature.

@Miyue Shenzhen Tianlu MIYE XIANZONG Resort Hotel – Ao Xiang

The Miyue Resort Hotel, completed this year, is a novel travel destination immersed in the environment. An «urban vacation utopia full of ideals and romance,» as the Chinese architectural firm puts it.

@Miyue Shenzhen Tianlu MIYE XIANZONG Resort Hotel – Ao Xiang
@Miyue Shenzhen Tianlu MIYE XIANZONG Resort Hotel – Ao Xiang

This collection of luxury residences is located in the natural oxygen bar of Tianlu, OCT, east of Shenzhen, surrounded by clouds and mists.

The studio wants to reshape the image of hospitality by using a new design language: tactile experience design. The space thus introduces ecology in a figurative narrative process: «Pushing through the door is landscape; Entering through the door is quietude; A cool breeze from the outer courtyard sneaks through the window; Light and shadow swirl; And beauty crosses.» GS Design thus invites us to enjoy a suspended time in a parallel world, calm and distant, between meditation, reading, swimming and panoramic views. 

@Miyue Shenzhen Tianlu MIYE XIANZONG Resort Hotel – Ao Xiang

The agency does not hesitate to quote Virginia Woolf’s The Walk to the Lighthouse, where the sea is interpreted as a metaphor for endless time. The multiple windows of the different residences also allow for a wider viewing space. Everything seems peaceful. Through this resort, Geng Shang Design explores in a different way the well being of people and their spiritual needs to better renew this intimate relationship between man and nature.

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