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Challenging every convention, whether it’s about beauty, artistic heritage or simple purpose. This is the motto of Aldo Bakker, a Dutch designer known for his boldly curved creations, who imposes a whole new set of conventions. An exhibition pays tribute to him at the Kunstmuseum in Basel, Switzerland, until May 7, 2023. A good excuse to look back at four of his creations, which have shaken up our practices.

Hopsted Lead Crystal, designed by Richard Whitely for J. Hill Standard

Made of crystal, this delicate piece can hold precious liquids, such as wine, soy, but also sake, oil, or infusions. Available in porcelain, kiln-cast glass, and stone, this crystal version makes the object almost disappear, leaving only the shape of the liquid being held.

© Richard Whiteley

Silver Pourer Hollow Handle, designed by Jan Matthesius, Andre van Loon

An amazing piece designed in solid silver. If at first sight, from the front, it evokes Flemish still lifes, a glance at the back reveals a delicate hanse that is lost in a Mireille Darc-like neckline.

©Erik & Petra Hesmerg

Pivot, designed by Jan Matthesius

Another solid silver piece, once again signed by Aldo Bakker’s fellow traveler, Jan Matthesius, this decanter brings back the traditional clamshell decanter, while giving it a resolutely modern line with Art Deco evocations.

©Erik & Petra Hesmerg

Horn, for Puiforcat

Invited by the venerable house of Puiforcat to design a tea service, Aldo Bakker delivers with «Horn,» his own interpretation of the creamer (in gold, please): a simple kettle with a spout.

© Jan Matthesius

Lisa Agostini