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This magician of the line dresses surfaces and spaces to better recompose them as he pleases, modifying their forms by means of our perceptions, which are caught in his nets.


Fascinated for a long time by the impossible constructions of MC Escher, he had the idea of exploiting the tracings he had been drawing spontaneously since childhood, during his studies at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles (2012-2016), in order to explore new dimensions opening up infinite possibilities. His adhesive tapes have been creating new topographies ever since.


When he runs them from floor to ceiling, the viewer becomes an actor by physically crossing the immersive spaces thus created from scratch. With a consummate art of illusion, his chevrons alter perspectives and play with our minds, which they imprison in their labyrinth. Direction, distance, and scale are the variables in an equation that gives rise to a new universe, unfolding in an almost organic way. Darel Carey’s Op Art can be appreciated as an experience, which invites us to change our point of view.



Sophie Reyssat