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Founded in 2008 in Moscow, Dmitry Ivanov launched the Reutov Design studio with the firm intention of shaking up the conventions of design and classic interior architecture. Very quickly, the studio started to work on various renovation projects in the hotel industry, restaurants, and private homes. The editorial staff of Acumen has chosen to focus on three of these creations realized in New York, Barcelona, and Ibiza.

New York: A kiss from nature 

This apartment is a lull in the middle of the New York effervescence. The beauty of nature invites itself on the terracotta walls, the multiple green plants, and the representation of a cactus through the different columns of colors, creating an exhilarating and warm symbiosis. Drawing heavily from Mexican architecture, Dmitry plays with textures and shapes through the furniture in the living area as well as in the night space, separated by a green arched door. 


Barcelona: A nail salon imagined as a space station 

The interior designer transformed this charming old Barcelona building into an avant-garde nail salon. Presented as a space station, every detail, like the purple, green, and blue gradations, underlines the arched vaults of this futuristic place. It’s a new world that takes shape inside, especially thanks to the decorative objects displayed like works of art. Created with panache, the singular shapes of the custom-made furniture – sometimes in Plexiglas, sometimes in aluminum – were entirely imagined by the ReutovDesign studio. 


Ibiza: Futuristic apartment 

Like a dive into the Atlantic Ocean, the apartment designed by Dmitry Ivanov reveals the surrounding nature of the island of Ibiza, Spain. Pop colors and futuristic shapes invite you to travel where nature and man enter in harmony. This 300m2 cocoon exhibits many pieces of furniture, such as the Bowy Sofa by Patricia Urquiola, made for Cassina. Terrazzo, glass, and marble bring the aspect of purity sought. Inside, there is a feeling of plenitude thanks to the natural light invading each space of the apartment. 



Marine Mimouni