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Four self-contained, eco-friendly, and private summer residences overlook the archipelago of Santorini, the largest island of the Cyclades, a remnant of a volcanic caldera. This geometric complex, designed by the studio Iraisynn Attinom, is primarily intended to be protected from the wind, while maintaining the privacy of the residents, the view of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean landscape.

© Iraisynn Attinom

The complex consists of eight rectangular volumes with vaulted ceilings, private courtyards, pools, and semi-open spaces. The cubic houses, which follow the slope of the promontory, form a traditional settlement, respecting the idioms of Cycladic architecture. While the local stone walls provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter, the architects also used a natural ecological plaster, “Kourasani,” discovered in Ancient Greece. “This plaster contains processed volcanic ash from Santorini (Terra Pozzuolana) and natural ceramic/stone powder, known for their hydraulic properties,” the studio explains. Around it, vegetation and pergolas made of wood and reed invite tranquility. And at the heart, arches. “They have something timeless and metaphysical that intrigues our imagination,” adds the studio.

© Iraisynn Attinom

“As in the work of Giorgio De Chirico, filled with carefree and lazy summer, light, and shadows, they evoke unexpected sensations.” An inspired and inspiring achievement, winner of Architizer’s A+Awards 2022 in the Hospitality category.

© Iraisynn Attinom

Photo credits © Iraisynn Attinom

Nathalie Dassa