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Founded by Patisandhika Sidarta and Tommy Sandjaja, the Indonesian architectural firm SAS has set itself the objective of giving birth to a contemporary architectural language, with the local context as a recurring starting point.

©Chantika Mayadewi

A choice that manifests itself in the selection of materials, cultural evocations, but also through the valorization of local art. An approach that minimizes the environmental impact of their studio and optimizes the energy efficiency of their projects.

©Chantika Mayadewi

Their next project is none other than the Kenderan Landscape Hotel in Bali. Located in one of the most secluded areas of the Ubud jungle, the building, which will be completed in April 2024, has been designed to “disappear” into the foliage of the dense surrounding vegetation.

A striking landscape, which thanks to a large window in each of the twenty suites of the property, offers itself to each resident. Suites are stacked on fifteen small towers, all clad in black steel plates and textured panels to subtly camouflage them in the trees. 

©Chantika Mayadewi

Bali, Indonesia

Lisa Agostini