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Want to escape? In Peru, in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, there are warm wooden huts imagined by the Mountain View Experience group.

Twenty minutes from the Sacred Valley of the Inquas – green and cultural landscape of Peru located at less than 3,000 meters of altitude – this place promises a striking stay with nature at its center. 

Fascinated by the great spaces, the founders had the idea of installing these small, cozy houses in the open air in order to discover Peru under another day.

The ambition of this experience is to offer a small piece of the country, including its culture, its charm, and its living environment.

Mountain View Experience offers its guests different outdoor activities, such as a horseback ride, to create a relaxing moment, a mountain bike ride along the Peruvian mountains, or a picnic, while admiring the colorful dunes of the Maras salt flats.  

An immersive experience between discoveries and a return to the essential.


Credits : @Mountain View Experience

Marine Mimouni