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In the heart of a skyscraper in the trendy Sanlitun district, in Beijing’s busiest shopping center, the Italian label’s apartment radiates its interiors in a serene atmosphere. 

Chinese architecture firm Cheng Chung Design (CCD) has designed a series of luxury serviced apartments themed on secular brands. One Sanlitun by Bottega Veneta is one of them. Its design exudes the timeless lifestyle of the luxury house with the legendary slogan, “When your initials are enough.” CCD draws on the brand’s DNA, which has always eschewed media attention in favor of Italian craftsmanship. The studio’s interiors combine the brand’s refined craftsmanship, clever design and subtle, understated aesthetic. The rooms are dominated by puce tones, while the wall coverings are inspired by the iconic Intrecciato pattern. At the heart of the double-height lobby stands a majestic spiral staircase, which connects two floors while acting as an art installation with its graceful curves. 

Sophisticated Minimalism

Everything from the artwork to the marble dining table, from the bar to the fireplace, from the carpet to the fine leather, distills the atmosphere of Italian style, such as the woven elements beautifully inserted into the furniture and ornaments. The open-plan living and dining room, lined with large windows, offers a panoramic view of the Chinese metropolis, while blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The lavish ceiling lights are designed like hoops, echoing the intertwined pattern. The rooms also retain those earth tones, playing with the signature woven leather in a neutral elegance, both feminine and masculine. The sun’s rays complete the beauty of this apartment, caressing and gilding the spaces for a soft, warm, and soothing feel. 

 Nathalie Dassa