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Recently completed in Canberra, Australia, LESS was designed by Chilean art and architecture studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen. An intentionally enigmatic structure, LESS aims to contribute to the evolving social landscape of Dairy Road, by providing a landmark and a gathering place. LESS invites the evolving community to interact with and occupy its varied spaces as they see fit. Part public artwork, part public space, LESS consists of 36 concrete columns and a circular ramp that leads to an observation platform. A small, continuous, shallow stream runs through and down the columns of the structure. As for the floor, it is populated with 6,000 individual plants of over 50 different plant species, many of which are endemic to Canberra. As these plants grow, the site will transition from its most recent industrial history to a softer landscape that references its pre-colonial ancestry. This landscape will change with each season, slowly becoming more immersive and equal to the structure that supports it.

Lisa Agostini