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Located on a hillside on Shuangyue Bay in Guangdong Province, China, the Library Water Drop is a sight to behold for all book lovers. This superb circular architecture is designed by the Chinese studio 3andwich Design / Hei Wei Studio. Its design, surmounted by a water basin and overlooking the sea, overflows with poetic interaction between landscape, nature, and culture. The 3,500 m2, geometric building is defined, from the air, by a circle and a long straight wall. The opaline interior offers a reading room, a VIP tea room and rest areas, with floor-to-ceiling shelves in the shape of clouds at the heart. Chairs and tables are placed along the glass facades where the public can read, relax, and admire the landscape. To access the roof, the studio created a “hidden path” parallel to the main entrance. The whole structure looks like an underwater library where time seems to be suspended, inviting the public to an introspective and meditative reading journey in harmony with the environment.

Nathalie Dassa