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The great Japanese master of architecture has designed a splendid spa hotel located on the southern island of Kyushu. Opened in August, KAI Yufuin is a ryokan, a traditional Japanese spa inn. The rice terraces are surrounded by the bathhouse and the guesthouse building with villa suites scattered around. An exceptional site surrounded by nature: the north side is covered by a jagged oak forest; the south side is bordered by a valley bathed in morning mist. The eastern side faces Mount Yufu, and the western side faces the rice terraces. In terms of architecture, Kuma wanted to mirror the typical spatial structure of farmhouses: tataki (a dirt entrance), itama (room with parquet floor), and zashiki (room with tatami). The interior is made of materials related to rice fields, such as straw and rice, as well as local materials, such as Japanese cedar, Oita bamboo, and Shichitoi from the Kunisaki Peninsula. The suspensions scattered throughout the building are an original design by Kengo Kuma, where his attention to detail is evident throughout.

Lisa Agostini