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The Forest Lagoon Geothermal Spa, located in the Vaðlaskógur region at the foot of the mountain of the same name opposite Akureyri in the north of the country … It was in 2014, during the construction of a tunnel, that a water source was discovered by accident. Eight years later, the water is led to a forest lagoon, while ensuring that it is used sustainably. Basalt Architects were called in to create a unique space.

The idea was to find a balance with the environment of the forest lagoon, to design a hybrid experience between geothermal and forest bath.

It all begins on a path through the forest where visitors walk. The building reveals itself little by little through the trees. The front part is dressed in wood, an open-roofed skylight with a tree at the entrance. The back of the building is made of prefabricated concrete, hugging the rocks of the mountain, which guests walk through as they enter the locker rooms and enter the water. 

The sensory experience has also been carefully considered. The running water, the redirected natural stream, the new waterfall near the outdoor seating area, and the cascading water at the baths are strategically placed to minimize traffic noise. From this dreamy space, you can hear the sound of the forest coming to life in the spring. The smell of summer is everywhere and always at the tip of your nose. The preserved forest provides excellent shelter from the wind, allowing guests to enjoy the cool air and pristine snow cover.

Lisa Agostini