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Alternately drawn or sculpted, suspended or camped on the ground (sometimes on wheels), the organic forms imagined by Tatiana Wolska spread in the space in twists, undulations, concretions, tangles, rustlings… Proliferating sinuous forms extending beyond the frame (of the sheet of paper or the inhabited architecture), they seem to be moved by an inner, invisible force, and to move under our eyes, captivated by their circumvolutions. Drawn with a Bic pen with an obsessive meticulousness or composed with salvaged materials (abandoned furniture, nails, scraps or wood pallets…), her tentacular and modular creatures are for the Polish artist (Brussels by adoption) as many “potential sculptures,” variations of the possible. Mysterious and invasive forms, they confront us with the “principle of uncertainty.”

Stéphanie Dulout

Exhibition Tatiana Wolska 
At La Médiatine 
1, allée Pierre Levie, 1200 Brussels

Born in 1977 in Poland, Tatiana Wolska graduated from the ENSBA of the Villa Arson in 2007. She was awarded the Grand Prix of the Salon de Montrouge for young emerging artists. She is represented by Irène Laub Gallery – 2ç, rue Van Eyck, 1050 Ixelles –