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“I have sought the dematerialization of the object through the creation of false perspectives, so that the space around the viewer identifies with the object itself,” said the artist, designer, and architect Nanda Vigo (1936-2020) in 2006.

Dematerializing the object and materializing light by capturing and amplifying its reflections, breaking the limits of space, expanding and multiplying perceptions of form through glass, aluminum and neon: these are some of the challenges that were at the origin of the total and experimental art work, which can be described as utopian, of the Italian artist to whom the Musée des arts décoratifs et du design de Bordeaux pays tribute. Monochrome interiors, reflective surfaces, furry furniture, long-haired fabrics, neon geometries, and luminous pyramidal sculptures with spectacular reflections… highly sensorial, her singular and sometimes indeterminate objects, her furniture and her “chronotopic” installations aim to modify our perception of space-time. A radical design that demultiplies and fragments to deconstruct and reconstruct space – an internalized space. 

“Nanda Vigo, the inner space” – MADD-Bordeaux
39, rue Bouffard, Bordeaux  
From July 7, 2022 to January 8, 2023

Stéphanie Dulout