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“We are rethinking our activities in order to continue to grow tomorrow, successfully and sustainably, while helping our sector to transform and contribute to meeting the social and environmental challenges of our generation,” explains François-Henri Pinault. With this approach, the group created a Material Innovation Lab (MIL) in 2013 dedicated to sustainable fabrics and textiles to accelerate the development of alternative dyeing methods based on natural processes. The luxury behemoth is therefore partnering with Albini_next and the Austrian biotechnology company Vienna Textile Lab to test the use of microorganisms from plants and mineral materials for various textile applications. The dyes are thus microbial in origin and are able to dye cotton and other natural fibers without the use of any chemicals. “Together, we can achieve incredibly high levels of innovation and sustainability, as we are doing with the transformation of microbial colors into innovative new dyes, a more sustainable alternative to conventional synthetic colors. It’s a long process: it takes time and effort, but together we will achieve unprecedented results,” says Albini Group President, Stefano Albini.

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