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Piero Fornasetti was a renowned Italian painter and designer. His artistic production is reinterpreted today by his son Barnaba and brings the painter’s artistic imagination to life in every shop. In the 1950s and 60s, Fornasetti’s favorite motif was the face of a polymorphous, placid woman on the objects he painted. His eyes are inspired by an early 20th-century singer, Lina Cavalieri, who also won over the artist Giovanni Boldini. The new 70 m2 London shop is therefore imbued with this. It was designed by the Brinkworth architectural studio. The place highlights the brand’s whimsical spirit of playing with illusion and abundance. The warmly-colored flagship features custom-made wall cabinets containing dozens of compartments to house the unique artworks of artist Fornasetti. The emerald colors of the shop contrast with the ash-wood cabinets and terrazzo floor. He has adopted Malaparte‘s motto: “The important thing is not to know how to create, invent, write, but to know how to deduce, that is to say, to know how to derive from one thing, from anything, a multitude of others… Basically, there is no invention, there is only deduction. An unusual and colorful place that speaks for itself.

Flora di Carlo