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Opened just two years ago, the Marchon restaurant is the very reflection of modern gastronomy. At the helm? Gastronomic chef Alexandre Marchon offers an instinctive cuisine of disconcerting simplicity. Let’s visit this place where emotion and conviviality prevail.

A self-taught chef, Alexandre Marchon first launched himself into gastronomic cooking at home and then within ephemeral pop-up restaurants, such as Christophe Michalak and Hervé Burggraf’s Polichinelle. Following fruitful and enriching experiences, Alexandre Marchon decided to open his own restaurant in the 11th district of Paris. 

Defining itself as a neo-gastronomic restaurant, Marchon takes a modern look at the culinary world that surrounds it. The absence of white tablecloths, relaxed service, and musical playlists make this restaurant a “warm setting” where the pleasure of welcoming guests is a must. “With the architect, Roman Akira Frankel, we worked hand in hand to imagine the interior of Marchon […] My wish was for this place to become an open space,” adds the gastronomic chef. With his friend, founder of Akira Studio, Alexandre Marchon invokes warm colors and organic materials in the heart of his restaurant. Terracotta plaster, terrazzo floors and corten steel walkways offer a certain warmth that is in symbiosis with the cuisine he offers. 

With three eco-table labels to his credit, the chef promotes local and responsible cuisine. In his large-scale dishes, Marchon pays particular attention to vegetables, whichhe believes are all too often neglected: “I am committed to cooking with organic and sustainable products from environmentally friendly producers. His goal? To find a perfect match between one product and another. Meat and fish, from angling, are used as condiments in the chef’s seasonal dishes. “My best inspirations are the producers I work with. It’s nature that decides what I’m going to cook and not the other way around,” says Alexandre Marchon. 

At lunchtime, a relaxed menu is offered, orchestrated according to the arrival of suppliers, such as Lola Périer, a market gardener in the Ile de France. As soon as night falls, in three, five or seven times, Alexandre Marchon allows his guests to discover a culinary universe that is both innovative, gourmet, and jovial. As for the wine list, Marchon offers natural and biodynamic wines that complement the dishes offered.  “We must succeed in consuming differently and we first, the restaurant owners […] We must learn to rebalance our way of consuming and teach future generations to cook differently, for me this is very important,” concludes Alexandre Marchon. 

161 rue Saint Maur 75011 Paris

Marine Mimouni