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VITA NUOVA : Italy in the 60s and 70s

“The provocative intentions of my works are similar to my ecstatic dreams: the desire to communicate, the desire to establish an uninterrupted thread with others, and at the same time, precisely, to provoke astonishment, perhaps even indignation or scandal,” wrote Lucia Marcucci in her memoirs in 2005.

This sets the tone for the exhibition devoted at the MAMAC in Nice to this figure of the Italian avant-garde, and in particular of the Gruppo 70, while a large focus is devoted, in the same place, to the bubbling transalpine artistic scene of the 60s and 70s.

A colorful and cheeky avant-garde, joyful and willingly irreverent, making great use of detour (of images and language, codes, forms, and materials) to wipe the slate clean and invent new forms.

Among the 120 works of the 56 artists presented, a video by Marinella Pirelli sets the tone and summarizes the spirit of the adventure: we see petals of flowers burned one by one by the incandescent end of a cigarette…   

“Vita Nuova. New stakes of art in Italy 1960-1975”

Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art – place Yves Klein, Nice –

Until October 2nd

Stéphanie Dulout