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Brands and publishers are stepping up their efforts to reassure their customers about their ecological credibility.

Doc Johnson, a venerable American company specializing in the design of sex toys, is no exception. Founded in the 1970s, the company has partnered with Los Angeles-based label Rose In Good Faith.

From this happy union were born shoes made from recycled plastic, called “Plastic Soul.”

A material that comes from adult toys deemed “damaged” or defective during manufacture. On the design side, Rose In Good Faith defines its new shoes as a synthesis of simple style and progressive sophistication.

David Teitelbaum, founder of Rose In Good Faith explains, “As the design progressed, I wanted to create something that was both timeless and exceptionally useful. As it turns out, we produced a shoe that is more comfortable than any shoe on the market, and just like our collaborations, the piece tells a story. We hope the shoe will transcend time and inspire a new perspective on recycling. “

Lisa Agostini