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The most beautiful concept stores dedicated to perfume

On the occasion of a new season that puts alternative creation in the spotlight, from the Rives de la Beauté in Paris to the Pitti Fragranze show in Florence, Acumen unveils the most beautiful addresses of confidential perfumery, in which to find a rare pearl.

In Paris, a must-see stop for perfume, the Scent Room at Printemps Haussmann, mixes the big names of the niche (Frédéric Malle, Diptyque, L’Artisan Parfumeur) with exclusive labels: Sylvaine Delacourte, Maison Rebatchi, and many others. 

Just a stone’s throw from Place Vendôme, Jovoy’s red walls house a varied selection of luxurious (Roja Dove, Xerjoff, Clive Christian) and creative (Olfactive Studio, L’Orchestre Parfums, Parfum d’Empire) brands. In trendy Montorgueil, choose the perfume that suits you thanks to Nose’s personalized diagnosis. In the provinces, Le Nez Insurgé in Bordeaux, Le Bistrot de la Beauté in Annecy, and Qu’importe le flacon in Montpellier, will open up new olfactory horizons. 

Italy is not to be outdone. In Milan, where confidential perfumery is flourishing, Avery Perfume Gallery, in Corso Como, has a fine offer: A Lab On Fire, Agonist, Six Scents… In the heart of Florence, go to the Santa Maria Novella dispensary, a magnificent setting where the oldest perfume house in the world is located. 

Across the Atlantic, the Lucky Scent website, dedicated to confidential perfumes, has opened two Scent Bars in Los Angeles.  In the spirit of a wine bar, one can discover a vast selection of artisanal perfumes (Andy Tauer, Hiram Green, Marc-Antoine Barrois). In New York, Lower East Side, the sumptuous Aedes de Venustas boutique hides many wonders (Naomi Goodsir, Amouage, Nasomatto), including the new 16a Orchard and Japanese Incense. 

In Melbourne, the independent perfumery LKNU has recently opened its doors to around sixty brands, (Jacques Fath, Pure Distance, Francesca Bianchi), with a will to transmit the olfactory culture to amateurs as well as to neophytes. 

Finally, in addition to these cult niche addresses, department stores also offer a wide choice of brands, from Harrods in London to Cosmotheca in Moscow, via Asia.

Sophie Normand