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Joanna Chudy (born in 1976 in Poland, graduated from the Krakow School of Fine Arts in 2002) sees the woman horizontally, lying down, floating, like a cloud or still waters, and exalts its beauty in fragments. 

Here, a flower-face topped with amaryllis (Fragmentary memories, 2011); there, an eye emerging through the crack of a white canvas (in a beautiful homage to Fontana’s split monochromes); here, a face again, nimbed in the same canvas from which it seems to hatch, unless it is buried in it…

Playing with the poetry of the strange, mixing grace and extravagance with a sensuality that is all restraint and lightness, Joanna Chudy skillfully uses concealment to create unusual images and reveal the beauty and mystery hidden in all things: a throat modestly revealed between the flaps of a gauze shirt becomes, through her lens, an offering, as does this sleeping face emerging from a white tablecloth under a glass bell, in a delightful remake of Sleeping Beauty.