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A new real estate Eldorado in the metaverse?

With The Row, The Alexander Team and Everyrealm are building the architectures and worlds of tomorrow with virtual stars. 

“The metaverse has no physics, no weather and no limits other than human ingenuity,” said Janine Yorio, president of Everyrealm, last July at the launch of The Row on Mona, a Web3 world-building platform. And when you see the visual designs online, you will understand the infinity of the project. This new place to be for alternative digital reality enthusiasts brings together pioneering artists and collectors looking for a unique home to use in other metaverse worlds. The Alexander Team and Everyrealm’s goal is to offer their clients a virtual experience similar to that of the real world between acquisition, exclusivity and property value. To achieve this, they have enlisted the help of six virtuosos to design a series of thirty 3D architectural monuments, each of which will be sold as a single NFT.

All the possibilities

Daniel Arsham, who acts as Everyrealm’s creative ambassador here, has chosen to expand his Ares sculpture to such a monumental scale that it could be inhabited. With The Mirage, Alexis Christodoulou presents the first personal levitation center, designed for pleasure and spiritual transition in digital form. Misha Kahn prefers to immerse us in an illogical and irreverent universe using lo-fi and ad-hoc techniques, collages, and virtual reality. For his part, Andrés Reisinger proposes a visual manifesto that questions traditional architecture, elevating the experience of living in more stimulating conditions. With his series Make Room for Us, Six N. Five adapts architecture to nature, addressing repentance and forgiveness through the damage that human beings have caused in the physical world. As for Hard, it is inspired by the introspective journey and explores the thirst for opulence that resides in self-esteem and the need to belong; a critique of the epicurean art of living.

Nathalie Dassa