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Zaha Hadid’s scrolls go to China 

The studio of the late Zaha Hadid, who passed away in 2016, has just won a competition for the future Art and Culture Center in the new city of Jinghe, located in the northern province of Shaanxi. True to the style of the British-Iraqi architect, the first woman to be honored with the Priztker Prize in 2004, this project describes a long sinuous curve. A silhouette that echoes the tortuous allure of the valleys, forged by the Jinghe River. Organized as a series of flowing volumes, layers, and surfaces that interconnect with courtyards and landscapes, the center aims to connect the city’s new library with the new performing arts theater, as well as multipurpose rooms, studios, and exhibition galleries to the south. This connection is made possible by elevated courtyards, gardens, and walkways that span eight lanes of traffic and take place on elegant architectural meanders.

Lisa Agostini