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Tralucid: between architecture and design.

After briefly studying anthropology, Laurids Gallée decided to turn to design and began training at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Vienna. Upon graduation, the Austrian designer worked as a craftsman for many artistic designers. Determined to create furniture that combines a traditional and contemporary approach, Laurids Gallée founded his own design studio a few years later: “Over the years I started to work more and more on my own creations, and in 2020 I started to work full-time on my personal creative practice,” he says. 

His first aim? To play with materials, more specifically with resin. His project, “Tralucid,” mixing architecture and design, is the proof. Designed from ten transparent resin beams glued together horizontally, the enigmatic construction does not let any connection show through, which, according to the designer, gives the opportunity “to blend into any environment and magnify the interior with a colorful statement.” The limpidity of the material used in the realization of this design piece interferes with the light that surrounds it, projecting, as a result, a naturally warm shade.

Marine Mimouni