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In 1995, not far from the city of Nantes, “Le Manoir de la Régate” was born, a gastronomic restaurant propelled by the chefs Pascal and Loïc Pérou. Two decades later, it is Mathieu Pérou’s turn to take the helm of this charming establishment, alongside his sister Anne-Charlotte. The gourmet chef reveals in his dishes a fastidious culinary art mixed with a distorted local cuisine, which earned him his first star as well as a green star – rewarding the commitment to sustainable gastronomy – in the 2021 Michelin guide.

Trained by world-renowned chefs such as Tetsuya Wakuda, owner of the Australian restaurant Tetsuya’s, the Ibarboure brothers and Corey Lee, the 28-year-old chef from Nantes has been able to break away from classical cuisine through his professional experiences, fusing several skills, each more enriching than the last. His father, Loïc Pérou, one of the founders of the Manoir de la Régate also played an important role in awakening his interest in gastronomy. In two years, Mathieu and Anne-Charlotte Pérou have managed to revive the family restaurant in an elegant way that is reflected not only in the gourmet cuisine, but also in the atmosphere of the place.  

The interior design has been updated with minimalist custom-made furniture, some of which were conceptualized by designer Jean de Morinière. It is an ode to nature that is highlighted in most of the restaurant’s spaces, notably with the installation of a green wall, but also the use of organic materials such as wood and copper, creating a refined play of textures. In order to offer an immersive culinary experience, Mathieu Pérou has installed an open kitchen in his restaurant, allowing his guests to experience a dinner without filters and to admire the technicality of the maestro of the stoves during his service. 

In the kitchen alongside his father since 2017, Mathieu Pérou does not skimp on the means, seeking to reveal new gustatory creations that pay homage to his terroir in a responsible manner – Le Manoir de la Régate was awarded the “Green Food” label in 2020. What makes the gourmet chef special? Working directly with producers in his region, including fishermen Alain Baillet and Gilles Begaud, members of the Collège Culinaire de France, and Olivier Durand, an organic market gardener from Nantes, not to mention Valérie and Jean-Marie Pédron, owners of Jardins de la Mer, a marine farm in Le Croisic that supplies the restaurant with herbs and seaweed. 

In three, six and eight courses, three menus are offered to the guests of the Manoir de la Régate, allowing them to savor at their own pace dishes that elegantly combine flavor and freshness. The Manoir de la Régate’s sommelier, Camille Chauvigné, offers a wine list with 180 references, which offers the right harmony with the dishes suggested by the chef Mathieu Pérou.

Marine Mimouni