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Casa Mague, Mesoamerican Paradise 

Nestled in Malinalco in the state of Mexico, the Casa Mague project began with a small house built in the 1970s next to an important Aztec archaeological site, the mountain, and in the middle of the historic city. An ideal location in the middle of a wooded area that the owners wanted to enhance. Designed by the MCxA Group studio, this villa is an experience punctuated by sensual textures and different spaces interrupted by patios and trees. Trees whose roots and branches were taken into account in the project, via the design of specific volumes to avoid damaging them. To this respect for nature is added the emergence of labyrinthine spaces, whose perception changes thanks to the light that varies throughout the day and the year. In order to link Casa Mague to the local heritage, the architects have interspersed symbolic quotes referring to the archaeological area and the Mesoamerican cosmovision, while using natural materials such as wood and stone to express the mystique of the place.

Lisa Agostini