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Adam Parker, or classic art in a box

Until August 20th, the Californian gallery The Hole welcomes six new sculptures signed by the artist Adam Parker, via the exhibition “Crush”. Conceived thanks to 3D modeling and the famous Carrara marble, these cubes of one meter by one meter evoke great figures of classical sculpture, such as the Apollo of Belvedere, Cupid triumphant, or the David by Bernini. Classical figures that have been compacted, as a trash can would have been in a trash compactor, as the artist Caesar would have done. A tour de force made possible by the collaboration of the artist with a team of master sculptors, but also the one in charge of the digital research of the Uffizi Museum. Works tinged with humor that question our relationship to authenticity in the art world.

“Crush” until September 20, The Hole, Los Angeles 

Lisa Agostini