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The Stamba Hotel is located in the bustling Georgian capital, Tbilisi. A real design nugget, the
establishment was created within a building of hallucinating proportions built in the 1930s. True to
the purest brutalist style of the Soviet era, this former cognac distillery, converted into a communist
newspaper printing plant, has risen from the ashes. Blending retro chic with New York industrial
style, the hotel is distinguished by a non-ostentatious luxury that is combined in XXL. With its huge
lobby with thousands of books, oversized rooms, huge café-restaurant, rooftop swimming pool,
200- square- meter vertical vegetable garden, and photography museum, itthe hotel is not only a
boutique hotel, it iss also a cultural exchange center that supports the capital’s creativity and
culture. Tbilisi has not finished making news…

Yaël Nacache