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Scorching heat, turquoise water, sunglasses: this summer, it’s not with a book in your hand that you’ll be indulging in the joys of idleness, but with headphones in your ears! With more than 2 million podcasts available on streaming platforms, the choice quickly becomes difficult. Or rather it does without counting on the editorial staff of Acumen! After hours of listening, we have selected for you three podcasts to accompany your chill afternoons this summer. 

  • “On va déguster”: available on France Inter, François-Régis Gaudry’s show is a great success with food lovers. You can count on the sharp palate and the impertinent verve of the journalist and food critic to grill all the culinary news of France and Navarre. Be careful, we decline any responsibility if your mouth gets watery…

  • “J’peux pas, j’ai lecture”: hosted by David Abiker, this Cultura podcast is an ode to reading. Four different extracts are read aloud in each episode. The radio chronicler’s suave voice is needed to bring classic texts back to life or to help us discover new, more contemporary works. What a good time to read and to rediscover the pleasure of reading!

  • “Perles de culture”: this fascinating podcast, created by Cultura, walks in the footsteps of famous artists to trace how their own lives inspired some of their exceptional works. Dostoyevsky, Truffaut, Amy Winehouse, Beethoven, Eminem: the texts written by Julien Bordier and narrated by David Abiker go beyond styles and eras. I might as well admit it, this podcast is without doubt the editor’s favorite.

Yaël Nacache