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 The nostalgic collages of Vesna Vrdoljak

Discovered during her first solo exhibition at the Amélie Maison d’Art gallery in Paris, Vesna Vrdoljak transmits with her artistic collages a poetic melancholy where design, architecture, fashion, and nature create a moving symbiosis. Mixing both black and white and color photographs, as in her series Louis XVI, the contrast that is based in the artistic shots of the artist does not leave us indifferent and immerses the viewer in existential questioning. 

To conceive her creations, Vesna lets herself be guided by her intuition, as if magnetized by the images she unearths in old magazines or postcards from the 1960s. “The state of mind in which I find myself using the elements is the key to the final composition,” she adds.

Drawing much of her inspiration from Dadaism – an early 20th-century artistic and intellectual movement denouncing aesthetic and political ideologies – or the abstract painter Piet Mondrian, Vesna’s work is a combination of influences mixed with an intense desire to tell multiple stories: “I hope to convey a sense of authenticity through the appreciation of the paper I use, which always carries a past.

Marine Mimouni