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A lush valley by MVRDV 

The Dutch architectural firm has unveiled the silhouette of its first ever project in South America – “The Hills.” Located in Ecuador, along the Guayas River in Guayaquil, this singular building is a group of six residential towers with organic silhouettes. The objective? To give birth to a “valley” with abundant nature and forms suggesting a naturally sculpted rock mass. At their base, the towers merge to form a terraced green valley that contains an oasis of pools, sports fields, and a large urban amphitheater facing the river, all surrounded by lush natural vegetation. On the outer edges of the project, the design of the façades reflects the visual language of the surrounding skyscrapers, i.e., white balconies, arranged in straight orthogonal lines. The façades facing the void between the towers offer a different face. The straight lines give way to balconies with fluid curves that create irregular offsets and overhangs. The earth tones of the lower levels gradually give way to lighter colors closer to the sky; and at all levels, generous greenery borders the balconies, extending the atmosphere of the central valley to the top of the surrounding hills.

Lisa Agostini