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Apple exposes itself

From Lyon to Poland, the brand with the crunchy apple is making its mark in museums and telling the secrets of its 46 years of existence between emblematic objects, popular icons, and genius creators.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” It is with this quote from Steve Jobs, announced on the website, that the Apple Museum in Poland opened on May 28. An event in itself, installed in the Norblin factory in Warsaw. The collection is presented as the most complete in Europe, with 1,600 legendary design pieces, retracing the computer epic of the Cupertino, California-based giant, founded in 1976, on 350 m². Everything is there: Apple 1, Apple II, Apple III, Lisa, Macintosh 128K, iMac G3, iPod, iPhone, software, posters, and other commemorative artifacts. Different exhibits will showcase the items periodically, supported by interactive panels and over 100 hours of video. A living museum to learn and touch the history of one of the five GAFAM brands that dominate the world.

Queen of icons

At the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication in Lyon, the honor is given to the American Susan Kare, who humanized and gave a smile to the computer via the first personal and revolutionary Macintosh in 1982. The iconographer, graphic designer, and pioneer of pixel art has created many icons (“hello,” happy Mac, the trash can, the bomb…) and fonts (Geneva, Chicago, Monaco…) that everyone knows. If she made her debut with Steve Jobs at Apple and then NeXT, she has also worked on projects for Microsoft and IBM. She also designed the virtual gifts at Facebook, prefiguring the emojis and the pin at Pinterest. This is her first international retrospective, on view through to September 18. “Icons” mixes past, present, and future, tracing her research and principles of “economy of expression,” to better show how today the whole world communicates in images.

Launch on May 28, 2022

Until September 18, 2022

 Nathalie Dassa