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With vegetables, perfumery goes green

Modern perfumery, born with the discovery of synthesis at the end of the 19th century, is constantly reinventing itself through technical innovations and new raw materials. Today, it is the turn of vegetables to be included in the perfumer’s palette. 

The perfume industry has several large composition houses, which produce perfumes and raw materials. One of them, Symrise, presented a new range of natural ingredients in 2020. Vegetable “symtrap,” the fruit of a low carbon footprint technology that allows the development of clean materials, derived from the recycling of waste from the food industry. 

A small revolution, since these new materials – asparagus, artichoke, onion, leek, cauliflower – extend the creative horizon by creating a new product and claiming a naturalness that is currently very fashionable, locally sourced, and in season.

In 2022, L’Artisan Parfumeur is the first brand to showcase these vegetables through Le Potager. A collection that sublimates beetroot with Musc Amarante, tomato leaf with Vétiver Écarlate, fennel with Cédrat Céruse and pea with Iris de Gris. Four fragrances built around vegetable accords, dressed in a classic material, to keep an element of mystery.

Not forgetting cauliflower with Tonka Blanc. An innovative score since it is the first fragrance on the market to contain a natural extract of cauliflower. It gives character to the gourmand notes, while embracing their creamy facets.  

But these new materials have more than one trick up their sleeve. In addition to their vegetable scent, they can create textural effects or highlight certain facets of ingredients, such as artichoke for rose. Vegetables will continue to be the talk of the town… 

                                                                                                Sophie Normand.