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Elisa Ossino or the art of poetic geometry

Architecture, interior decoration, design, art direction, scenography… For the Sicilian Elisa Ossino, the approach to design is multiple. Since the creation of her Milanese studio in 2006, she has developed a style that plays on contrasts. Geometric and light lines confront the intensity of monochrome structures. Each creation is the result of a meticulous research of measurements. The result is a final composition in which the furniture and objects created resonate with the space around them. Elisa Ossino draws her inspiration for this concept of volume from art. In the metaphysical geometry of artists, such as Giorgio De Chirico, and in the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio’s paintings. 

Between interior design and furniture creation, the Italian continued her adventure in design by co-founding the clay tile brand H+O in 2019. Conceived alongside designer Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, this multidisciplinary project also explores new ways of contemporary living through the design of surfaces and the scenography of multi-arts exhibitions. And always with that signature look, defined by contrast. Where lightness confronts intensity. Where drama embraces poetry. 

Louise Conesa