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Every summer for the past ten years, the former city of the Dukes of Brittany has been given over to artists charged with reinterpreting its heritage, even if it means disguising it. For this new edition of the Voyage à Nantes, Hélène Delprat deploys her small shadow theatre with the appearance of a danse macabre on the church square, invaded by black silhouettes evoking some medieval fabliau, while Pascal

Convert takes over the Miséricorde cemetery with a herd of deer carved into glass tombstones (with the help of a master glassmaker) in a very poetic and dreamlike memento mori. Transforming public space into a pictorial space, Krijn de Koning, for his part, has given new color to an old Peugeot garage from the early fifties, a circular concrete garage with one of the first spiral carparks with continuous ramps. Voyage, Voyage…

From 2 July to 2 October

Stéphanie Dulout