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Lemaire takes up residence on the Place des Vosges

Launched in 1995, the Lemaire house has never ceased to draw the contours of a complex Parisian wardrobe. Sophisticated yet designed for everyday wear, it has explored a whole palette of neutral, organic, and matte shades without boring us. Initiated by Christophe Lemaire and joined by Sarah-Linh Tran in 2010, the brand has opened a new chapter to take on the scope we know today. Favoring materials woven in Europe and Japan, it invites artists to infuse their pastes into their creations. One example is the Cherokee painter Joseph Elmer Yoakum, whose fantastic panoramas have been used to decorate silk pieces. Or the artist Carlos Peñafiel, behind this astonishing bag in the shape of a giant shell. 

A fascinating universe that is now present in a second Parisian boutique, on Place des Vosges, after that which opened at 28 rue du Poitou in the 3rd arrondissement. Dedicated to the world of accessories, this second space was designed by the architect Francesca Torzo. Presented as a topography, or geography, this boutique is adorned with a minimal and organic décor, with terracotta, marmorino, and lacquered elements. Dressed in smooth, grainy, granulated, and talc textures, it presents the various Lemaire pieces as object-forms within a fantasy landscape, topped by a black-clad archway.

Lisa Agostini