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An interlocking of cubic “elementalist” volumes barely emerging behind the foliage of the olive trees; immaculate white walls inclined towards the sky and open into “window-pictures” and holes of light on nature; a private house and two studios deployed around a patio and a central swimming pool, reminiscent of the impluvium and atrium of the ancient domus: the villa-workshop conceived in the 1960s and 1970s by Hans Hartung, the pioneer of gestural abstraction, is a dream.

A “house-utopia” designed to blend into the cliffs of an ancient olive grove on the heights of Antibes, where the German-born painter-photographer and his Norwegian-born wife, Anna-Eva Bergman, a painter and engraver of large minimalist spaces enhanced with gold and silver, lived and worked for more than fifteen years. After two years of work, it is now open to the public. One of the most beautiful secret places on the Riviera.

Hartung-Bergman Foundation

173, chemin du Valbosquet

06 600 Antibes

Stéphanie Dulout