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AZ Factory meets Thebe Magugu: focus on the capsule of the moment 

The most pop collaboration of the season is a tribute to Alber Elbaz, who passed away in 2021. AZ Factory has launched its first collection since the death of its founder. In March 2022, the label announced that it will transform itself into a creative laboratory that will invite “amigos” to rethink the legacy of Alber Elbaz through specific collections. The colorful collection is entitled Intersection and is designed by Thebe Magugu, a rising star in the fashion world and winner of the 2019 LVMH prize. The South African designer was inspired by his roots while mixing the playful universe of Alber Elbaz, which can be seen in the details of the outfits: oversized proportions, bows, and pop colors. The colorful capsule is inspired by the African continent and includes zebra and yellow trench coats, XXL drapes, and ostrich feather hats. AZ Factory will welcome promising young talents. Who will be the next “amigo” of the collective? 

The first part of the collection has been available since 1 June 2022, the second part in September.

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