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Solo Houses, the first architectural collection 

In 2010, the Solo Houses project was born in the minds of Christian Bourdais and Eva Albarran. French gallery owners based in Spain, this duo is fascinated by contemporary creation and architecture. From this love was born the desire to transcend the gallery environment and broaden their horizons. Solo Houses was born. Located in the natural park, Los Puertos de Beceite, in Aragon, the project is a perfect blend of art, architecture, and nature.  On almost 100 hectares, the two entrepreneurs have given a dozen international architects the opportunity to build holiday homes with complete creative freedom. Two houses are currently under development, revealing the scale of the project. The first, designed by architects Pezo Von Elrichshausen, seems to float in the air. Entirely made of concrete, each room is open to the outside and offers a breathtaking view of the nature reserve. As for the second, it fascinates by its shape. Circular. The studio Office KGDVS thinks of this house as an element integrating the surrounding nature, removing the barrier between inside and outside, thanks to facades that can be completely open. For rent or to visit, these houses invite you to a real experience. A total immersion in architecture that Christian Bourdais and Eva Albarran affirm with unique cultural activities organized with the curator, Hans Ulrich-Obrist. And the duo doesn’t seem to stop there. Their gallery also offers open-air exhibitions in the heart of the Solo Houses. A project that continues to evolve and in which art, monumentality, and nature are the key words.

Louise Conesa