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Created fifteen years ago to showcase new practices in contemporary drawing, notably the great diversification of its formats, media, and materials, the Drawing Now Art Fair is riding the wave of the growing success (among young collectors, but also and above all, among artists) of an affordable and malleable means of expression, harbored in its primordial simplicity and infinite possibilities. From the intimacy of the sheet of paper once destined for sketching or study to the city walls appropriated by street artists (some beautiful Wild Incursions are presented at the Museum of Hunting and Nature), drawing has today taken on a whole new dimension. Overflowing its frame, going even further beyond the limits of the paper sheet, it lends itself easily to the game of mixing genres, overflows and other detours implemented in current visual arts.

For this anniversary edition of the show, an exhibition (duplicated at the Carreau du Temple and the Frac Picardie in Amiens) entitled “Hyperdrawing” honors these metamorphoses of the drawing that have become XXL, performative, invasive, “outside the walls” … We discover artists who, in the wake of Sol LeWitt and his Wall Drawings in the late 1960s, hypertrophy the line to invest the space through the gesture: Bulgarian artist Boryana Petkova’s performative drawing with shackles until exhaustion, German artist Katrin Ströbel’s all-over drawing of a suspended female body, or Emmanuel Béranger’s performative drawing made while jumping. A disturbing confusion of line and gesture.



Stéphanie Dulout