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Vibratile spaces

Born in 1967 in Copenhagen, affiliated with the Light and Space movement, Olafur Eliasson has made light and chromatic phenomena the basis for an exploration of perception and especially of its subjectivity. Considering the perception of the external environment (light and darkness, colors, depth of space and time…) as intrinsically linked to the perception of oneself, one’s body and one’s interiority, the artist, who places the spectator/viewer at the center of his devices, seeks to stimulate this awareness by intensifying reality: games of shimmers and light diffractions, artificial waterfalls and fogs, truncated or demultiplied perspectives, artificial coloring of mists or rivers…, his palette, constantly renewed and enriched by the many collaborators in his studio, is infinite. The artist who, during the Climate Conference in November 2015, exhibited twelve blocks of ice brought from the Greenland Sea in front of the National Assembly, has not finished surprising us…

Stéphanie Dulout