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Photographic story

The editorial staff of Acumen were interested in the creative process of the image: this moment of life which precedes the taking of a photograph, a kind of emotional story echoing the immortalized moment.

In the form of captions, these short stories explain the birth of an image.

Lucas Cerri is a French photographer and music composer. Photographer of the moment between poetry, reverie, and fantasy, he reveals the story of four pictures.

Image 1: Insolation

With my friend Eliya, we had planned to spend the afternoon strolling and taking pictures on the coastline. Strolling is a very good engine for my inspiration.

The idea came to me on the spot by composing with the elements present.

The colors of his skin, the hat and the water, as well as the rock directly inspired me.

Image 2: Fragments

Last summer, while kayaking with friends, we came across a beautiful and soothing place with perfect light.

The reflections in the water look wonderful with film, and to capture this tranquil moment, I asked my friend to place her arm gently on the water. A film of sunscreen formed on the surface of the still water, creating a new element in my frame.

As is often the case, improvisation in a quiet moment was beneficial to my inspiration.

Image 3: Perfect Diet

This photo, which was widely shared at the time, was also taken during a trip. In the hallway of an old apartment in Italy, a ray of light coming through two shutters landed on this black and white tile. 

I saw right away that something had to be done. We were there at the right time, because within minutes the light was gone.

This chance, this composition almost served on a plate, was a gift! At that moment of our lives, we both had the desire to live many things, hence the light eaten at the mouth.

Image 4: The head in the ass

This picture was prepared in advance. In my free time, I drew ideas on the paper.

And this idea of a head literally in the ass appeared to me. However, recreating it on the spot was a real challenge. We had to go over it several times.

Having always worked around the nude, I often like to add a touch of the absurd. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Mélissa Burckel